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Recap of The OMPW 2024 Annual Chief Residents Workshop

Published on Wednesday, May 15, 2024

The Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce (OMPW) held its 2024 Annual Chief Residents Workshop Friday, April 26, 2024 at Hyatt Place in Ridgeland, Mississippi. This year we included an evening of networking amongst the Chiefs which took place Thursday, April 25, 2024. The workshop was designed for Chief Residents who are about to take on new responsibilities as leaders. The interactive sessions were intended to provide incoming chiefs with a learning environment that enhances their confidence as leaders, fosters interpersonal communication, enhance group cohesiveness, and advances the programs' educational mission. Our amazing speakers challenged the Chiefs to think and act strategically, and used creative solutions to tackle challenging managerial scenarios.

The workshop was held in collaboration with Gulfport Memorial Hospital, University of Alabama at Birmingham and the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Topics and Speakers were as follows: 

  1. Cultivating The Leader Within: Knowing Who You Are and Where You Are To Lead Effectively With Your Purpose
    • Dr. Zonzie McLaurin, DHA, OMPW Associate Director
  2. Crucial Conversations: Navigating Difficult Conversations as a Chief Resident
    • Dr. Gretchen Holmes, PhD, Gulfport Memorial Hospital
  3. Burnout, Depression & Suicidality Among Physicians: What Resources Are Available?
    • Dr. Matthew Macaluso, DO, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  4. Transitional Preparation: Getting Ready for Chiefdom
    • Dr. Jarrett Morgan, MD, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Let's congratulate the Chief Residents on their new role! 

For more information, or to inquire or make suggestions for future topics or events, please call 601-815-0650 or reach our staff through our website's contact page