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Data Resource Center

OMPW’s web-based resource center, currently under development, will include an interactive health workforce surveillance application that explores and visualizes the demographics and distribution of the health workforce in Mississippi. 

Visualization of the workforce can assist policy makers and planners to more effectively fill shortage areas with needed health services and improve access to health care for Mississippians.

Web mapping application using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Querying geographic locations of health providers
  • Performing drive-time or buffer analysis, and
  • Exploring socio-demographic population by selected geographic data

2014 Data

Data visualization and data analytics

OMPW is developing a state health data repository to assist organizations engaged in improving access to care in Mississippi. Data are being contributed from a host of sources throughout the state. We are also collecting publicly-available data from national, state, and local resources. By blending and joining datasets, we are able to get answers from data that haven't been possible to obtain in the past. We are in the process of developing data use agreements with our contributors to allow for more data sharing. Upon this informatics platform, our team is developing and building web applications and data visualizations to inform health planners and policy makers to make evidence-based decisions regarding the health workforce in Mississippi.

Interactive data

By using a data analytic software such as shown here in Tableau Public, the data can be mined to demonstrate a variety of comparisons and analysis.

Static maps and charts